Products are stored and transported in packages on horizontal and levelled surface and dry conditions. The used package decreases the threat of the creation of scratches and other mechanical injuries, however, the maintenance of the product is ensured by careful handling.
Moist or wet package must be immediately removed and the product must be dried.

Due to sharp cutting edges, protective gloves must be worn during the processing and transporting of products.
Products can be processed by usual hand or electric tools, observing the user manual of the tool.
The best results are achieved after industrial processing by the manufacturer.
Product waste must be handled as mixed construction and demolition waste.

Products are intended for using indoors in dry conditions where the average temperature of ambient air is 20 °C and the relative humidity does not exceed 65%.
Different temperature or humidity conditions on the sides of the product cause curving.
To fix the product, follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the fastener (glue, screw, etc.).
When installing/using the product in a moist environment, the laminate, the edgeband joints and the uncovered surfaces of wood based panels must be processed with moisture barrier.
When integrating kitchen appliances, a sink, a tap, etc., with the product, follow respective installation and user manuals.
Immediately remove any liquid or steam that comes into contact with board joints and glue connections because when penetrating through the glue connection, they cause the product to swell (e.g., hot steam coming from an appliance, water splashes from the sink, etc.).
Placing a hot object (e.g., a pot or a pan) on the surface of the product may cause the laminate surface to change its tone, layering of the laminate or edgings to become loose.
Laminate is not durable to the scratches from sharp items (e.g., knife, scissors, etc.)
Soiled surfaces may be cleaned with domestic chemicals, make sure to follow its user manual.
Means that contain abrasive particles may not be used. Dry the product after cleaning it

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