1.1 The product is wood-based laminated panel that corresponds to the model description.
1.2 Laminate, standard EN 438.1.3. The plate inside the product: wood based panel with thickness of 8–75 mm or their combinations, standards: fibreboard: EN 312, MDF: EN 622.
1.4 Underlay cover: APK (non-standard laminate), underlay P100.
1.5 Edging material: laminate, PVC, ABS, PP, melamine, wood.
1.6 Material supplied by customer may be used as an underlay cover, board or edging.
1.7 Laminate and underlay cover are fixed to the board with adhesive. Adhesive class D3, standard: EN 204.
1.8 Curved laminate edging, the edging is fixed with adhesive connection to the edge of the product. Adhesive standard EN 204.
1.9 The thickness of the product is calculated as the sum of the thicknesses of the board and laminates.

2.1 The product corresponds to the requirements of the order.
2.2 Tolerances of measures (length, width, flatness, radius, angle) correspond to class C of ISO 2768.
2.3 Different laminate batches are allowed to have differences in tones and/or patterns.
2.4 The pattern of different laminate details does not match.
2.5 Laminate is allowed to have scratches:
• with dimensions up to 15 mm, up to 1 pc/m2;
• with dimensions 3 to 5 mm, up to 5 pc/m2;
• with dimensions < 3 mm, number is not limited.
2.6 Laminate is allowed to have unevennesses:
• with dimensions up to 10 mm, height up to 05 mm, up to 1 pc/m2.
• unevennesses are not determined on curved edges.
2.7 A detail with final dimensions is allowed to have separated pieces of laminate at the edges:
• with dimensions up to 2 mm, up to 2 pc/m2;
• with dimensions up to 1 mm, up to 5 pc/m2;
• with dimensions < 0.5 mm, number is not limited.
2.8 Laminate, underlay cover and edgings are glued evenly throughout the surface:
• < 0.5 mm crack between laminate and edging is allowed.
2.9 If laminate (point 1.2) is on both sides of the product, one side is allowed to have twice as more defects as required in points 2.5–2.8.
2.10 The tone and/or pattern differences and defects of the underlay are not determined.
2.11 Product samples are with illustrative purpose only and they are not used to describe the properties of the product.

3.1 P. 2.1 – the correspondence of laminate, underlay cover, edging location are controlled visually in comparison with the sample.
3.2 P. 2.2. – the correspondence of measurements is controlled with measuring.
3.3 Flatness is controlled in horizontal position.
3.4 P. 2.5–2.6 – correspondence is controlled visually.
Visual control is performed at the distance of 1 m, crosswise with the surface to be controlled, and on normal conditions: average temperature 20 °C, relative humidity does not exceed 65%, illumination 100–200 lx.
3.5 Deviations that have not been identified pursuant to the abovementioned conditions are not deemed to be defects.

4.1 The product is packed according the requirements of the order.
4.2 If the packaging has not been determined in the order, the products are generally packed either:
• into single packages: waved cardboard or film on the side of the upper underlay, fixed with tape,
• group package: the products are stored on a pallet, fixed with packing tape.
4.3 Packages are marked with order number, customer’s name and number of details.
4.4 The package includes the user manual

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